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Our passion is restoring marble and stone

back to it original shine and luster . . .

We employ a unique three-step process to rejuvenate your stone.

 Before and after . . .

. . . the difference is clear!


To reduce the normal wear and tear accomulated overtime, we grind your stone surface with diamond-encrusted abrasive pads - almost like sand paper for stone!


With the years of grime scraped away, we next apply an infusion of increasingly fine diamond-encrusted pads to leave your stone surfaces smooth to the touch.


In the final step, we apply a coat of aluminum oxide to fuse the natural deposits of calcium in your stone, giving it a shimmering luster and perfect finish.

We also repair cracked and chipped stone, and reduce the appearance of visible seams.

Treatment for Seams & Cracks:

The innovative process reduces the appearance of visible seams and joints, in addition to repairing cracks in your stone. We prepare a special epoxy that perfectly matches the natural color and veins in the stone. After minor grinding and honing, the joints virtually disappear!

Our epoxy and appliation process is significantly better than grout because it creates a perfectly even surface and strengthens the seams. This prohibits furture shifting between separate stones.


Don't let chips ruin the prestige and apprearance of your stone! Our specialists will find a stone that comparably matches your and cut a customize patch. We then apply our special epoxy to the chipped area, bonding the patch, and then hone and compound the surround area.